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Davco will make your damp/wet basement dry...guaranteed!
Keep your basement dry and safe

Find reliable basement waterproofing in the watervliet, Troy & Albany, NY and surrounding areas

Think of your valuable possessions in the basement:
· Anything in cardboard boxes such as books, records or holiday items
· Family photo albums & heirlooms
· Clothing, kids toys...it really could be anything (and everything)!

Once water infiltrates your house, it can:
· Ruin ANYTHING that is a paper or fabric.
· Warp your floors above it and cause your heating bills to skyrocket.
· Cause mildew and mold growth which if remained unchecked, can be very unhealthy for your family.

Davco Masonry, LLC aims to keep all of your treasured items safe
from water damage.
We're dedicated to finding the source of your water infiltration problems and fixing them, permanently!

Some of the methods we use:
· Exterior & Interior foundation plastering
· Exterior & interior drainage systems
· Sump pumps
· Vapor barriers
· Specialized water repelling products that stop water from getting in.

Davco has been waterproofing basements for almost 50 years!
Water will always find a way! Its patient and will slowly, over the course of years, work its way into your basement. Despite being durable, poured concrete walls do lose their waterproofing qualities and begin to crack and fail. Likewise, block walls eventually fill with water over time and crack, deteriorate from the inside and let water into your basement.

Davco has decades of waterproofing knowledge between the owners and our Masons. We are confident that we can keep your basement dry and safe....WE GUARANTEE IT!

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